MVP #16: Move or Copy an Excel sheet from one Workbook to Another

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Have you ever tried copying all the data on an Excel sheet to a new Excel Sheet and you found out that the color, formatting or some values have changed?

That's the trouble with using CTRL + C and CTRL + V (copy and paste). 
But there is a very reliable means I use to duplicate Excel sheets, it makes the exact copy of the sheet - no color difference, row and column widths are same, and values won't change. 

It is my preferred means of making copies of a sheet I want to analyse or extracting a sheet I want to send to client/colleague.

So let's go.

Above is a sample workbook for illustration. I want to create an exact copy of the Output sheet in a new Workbook (Excel File).

I'll rightclick on the Output sheet tab.

I'll click on Move or Copy.

I'll tick the Create a Copy box. (But for move operation, leave it unticked)

In the To book dropbox, I'll indicate a New Book

Finally, I'll click on OK.
And I'll get a copy of the Output sheet

You've just learned a vital Excel trick.

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