My blog traffic has grown from 200 daily page views to 6500 page views in just about 3 months


It's 4 years and 4 months now that I started this blog. And for the most part of these 4 years my daily page views have never gone past 200. I tried hard to move it permanently up and failed repeatedly. Last year, I gave up ever making money from my blog or garnering traffic. I only kept blogging because I enjoyed sharing my personal stories and tech knowledge.

I read several great guides on how to grow my blog and one of my favorite is How To Make Money With a Blog by
I knew that if I followed diligently his recommendations, my blog will grow. But the problem is I don't enjoy doing some of them. They are hard work and the type that I don't like. And I believed there are bloggers who don't work harder than I do and are doing sort of fine. It's not that I want to my blog to rank next to or All I want is just some result for my efforts, a little growth perhaps. 

But suddenly, in June I noticed something happen. In a day I got over 200 page views, in fact, I got over 1000 page views. I thought it was one of those one-off incidents that won't last. But 3 months now, it seems it's a permanent one. My page views have been steadily going up since June to 6,556 (six thousand five hundred and fifty-six!) page views for just yesterday. And my adsense earnings too have skyrocketed!

What did I do that I haven't been doing? Nothing, really.
Google suddenly started sending more traffic.


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  2. Congrats friend.

    You are probably experiencing the good side of Google's algorithm updates. The one undisputable rule for driving traffic is to write good, high quality posts that nobody else seems to be writing about. And there are many examples of such posts on your blog.

    You got it right when you stopped focusing on growth and making money and just started writing out of a passion to genuinely help people and share information.

    Something else you can do is to add sharethis ( to your blog so that more people can share your posts and also allow anonymous comments in your comment box.

    Finally, take good care of your AdSense account so that it doesnt get banned (God Forbid). The best way to prevent this is not to access more than one AdSense account from the same computer because anything that happens to one will affect the other. Also never ask/solicit for clicks (I guess you already knew that).

  3. Hi Juda,

    Thanks for the kind words, especially the part about my blog having high quality posts!

    I will checkout the ShareThis you recommended and enable the anonymous comments too.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Juda,

    I tried the ShareThis but it's not displaying on my blog. Installed and re-installed a couple of times, no result.

  5. Hello Michael, this is Juda. Glad to see you've implemented the anonymous commenting, now I don't have to log in before I can comment. For the Sharethis issue, I think you have to add the code manually somewhere. Try what is described here:

  6. Hi Juda, thanks for your helpful comments. I'll try the help link.

    I hope you've subscribed to my blog feed (subscription box is below)'cos I'll be needing more feedback from you.

    Thanks again!

  7. You wrote pretty fine, and I love the mobile view of this blog because I am viewing it on movile. But Michael, you did not mentioned what you did to magically increased the traffic and page view of this blog. Thanka

  8. Hi Lawrence,

    I wish I knew, then I'll be able to do it again and again to keep my traffic going up.

    For over a month now, it has plateaued at 7000+

    I really wish I knew!

  9. Good for you because you focused on what really matters most. Good and helpful contents.


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