Airtel Unlimited Whatsapp Bundle


Airtel Nigeria allows you to access Whatsapp for a whole month for just N100. And all you have to do is dial *948# from your Airtel line.

And that's all! 


  1. Hi there....I recently activated airtel bis plan on my android, prior to that, I had subscribed to the airtel whatsapp plan. Now whatsapp works fine using the whatsapp plan but with my bis I cant use the internet. I wanna disable my whatsapp plan so that my bis can come to place. Can somebody plz help with a code? is my email addy

  2. Hi Richard,

    I don't think the whatsapp plan can interfere with the BIS. Here's how to be sure - dial *123*10#

    You should see the data bundle status of your Airtel BIS. If you see that, then you're on.

    To deactivate the Airtel Whatsapp, you might have to call the customer care. No detail of our to unsubscribe on Airtel Whatsapp page

  3. Hi,
    My data has expired, I do not want to renew it, but get only the whatsapp bundle. However after purchasing the bundlr, I still need to turn on my mobile data an airtel keeps taking money from my credit, because my bundle is on. What do i do? I want just the whatsapp bundle

  4. I dialled *948# quite allright, but wasap does not seem to work, unless I connect to the internet; but then I'm afraid it will chop my credit. I wanted the 100N Wasap package as an alternative to the 1,000Naira monthly internet plan, since I want wasap, but don't need Internet on my phone.
    here can I find advice? Thank You. Maurice

  5. It is not really working, it work for just some days liike a week and stop working and also when recharge the money will continually be deducted. they need to be sincere about it or forget it.


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