SMF Mods, the essential ones, the popular ones and the less popular

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Hi, so like me, you've installed SMF for your forum and you're looking for a list of available SMF mods you can install. Though I do not recommend you installing every mod in this list, I am attempting to make the ultimate SMF mods list.

And here it is-

  1. Simple Portal: This is one of the most popular smf mods, and some folks consider it as an essential mod. It adds unparalleled flexibility to your forum design by making it extremely easy to customize your forum and add portals, pages and shoutbox. 
  2. Ad Management: This is definitely an essential mod. It allows you to easily add google adsense ads to your forum, making making money from your forum easy.
  3. Pretty URLs: This is another essential mod. It makes your forum links (especially the internal ones) very SEO-friendly. Installing this will increase your organic traffic, people getting to know about your forum via google search results.
  4. SA Facebook Integration: This is an essential mod. It allows people to register and post on your forum with their Facebook accounts. You can checkout to see a live sample.
  5. SEO site map and XML sitemap: This is an essential mod too. It creates a sitemap for your forum, making it extremely easy for Google, Yahoo, Bing... search bots to index all the pages in your forum.
  6. Google Analytics Code: This is an essential mod. It enables you to easily install google analytics on your forum, so you can monitor the forum performance traffic and SEO wise.
  7. Forum Name in Browser: This is an essential mod. It makes your forum show a more descriptive name in the browser, and good for SEO too.
  8. Cumulus Congestus: This mod allows you to display block of popular topics (or tags) on Board Index of your forum.
  9. Stop Spammer: With this MOD you can block the registry of spammers in your forum.
  10. Add Avatar To Who Is Online: Add Avatar To Who Is Online
  11. Board Icons: Lets you choose different icons for your boards.
  12. Calendar Event Reminder: User-selectable email reminders for calendar events.
  13. Contact Page: Adds a contact page to the default theme.
  14. Copy Topics: Adds the ability to copy a single or multiple topics.
  15. Country Flags: This mod allows your members to select from a list the countries to denote where they live.
  16. Download System: A complete download system for SMF with awesome features. Though, I haven't used it, reading through the description, it pretty much adds file download and upload management capability to your forum.
  17. dQuoteSelection: This mod adds ability to quote any selected text into the QuickReply area.
  18. Dream Portal: This is a popular mod that turns your forum into a full-fledged portal. It comes, fully equipped, with a Homepage, Dream Menu (Menu Manager), Dream Layouts (Layouts Manager), Dream Pages (Page Manager), and an Extensions Manager. The blocks of content are called "Modules" which can be installed/uninstalled at your convenience.  Dream Portal is easy enough for newbies, and advanced enough for experts.
  19. Enhancements to purge inactive members: Adds enhancements in "Administration Center > Forum Maintenance > Members > Remove Inactive Members"
  20. ENotify: ENotify is an ajax driven notifications mod which allows you to have facebook like notifications.
  21. Favicon & Custom Global HTML by BK-Modding: This modification adds favicon and HTML area in settings.
  22. Float Who: Adk Float Who is a simple floating block that displays the list of users online.
  23. Force Topic Read on Login: This mod allows admins to select a topic that their users MUST read and will be shown on next login.
  24. Global Headers and Footers: This is one of the most popular mods. This modification allows you to add global content to three different parts of your forum.
  25. Google +1 Topics: Adds to Google+1 to the start of all topics
  26. Login Security: Login Security - Email Alerts Failed Attempts Plus IP Account Protection.
  27. Member Notepad: Adds a textbox in the user's profile where they can leave notes.
  28. Menu Buttons: This is a popular mod that allows you to add extra menu items/buttons.
  29. Menu without limit level: Adds the possibility that the top menu of the forum has any number of levels.
  30. MetaTags Modification Version 2.0.2: With this MOD you can change, activate or deactivate completely fast and simply your Meta Tags.
  31. Previous Next Topic: Allows your forum users to naviagate to previous and next topics.
  32. Profile Comments: Adds a comment section under the user's profile.
  33. Recent Topics: Integrates a block with the latest topics and replies.
  34. Referral System: This mod allows you track how many people a member has reffered to the forum.
  35. Registered Links: Allows you to stop guests from viewing links.
  36. RSS Feed Icon for boards: Adds a feed icon to each forum on the board index.
  37. RSS Feed Poster: Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.
  38. SA Google+ intergration: It's like SA Facebook Integration, allows users to use their Google+ account on your forum.
  39. SA Twitter Integration: Allows users to use their Twitter account on your forum.
  40. Shadow Box: It is a mod for an elegant way to show pictures of our forum.
  41. SMF Archive: Adds a lofiversion of your forum which appears in SMF Archive.
  42. SMF Articles: Article system for SMF. Allows user submitted articles.
  43. SMF Gallery: This is, perhaps, the most popular mod. A gallery system that ties directly into SMF.
  44. Staff Page Mod: Adds a Staff listing page for SMF.
  45. Welcome Topic: Creates a new topic when a user registers on the forum.
We have come to the end. But if you want the directory of all smf mods ever created, check here, where modifications roam and play

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