The websites I visit regularly and why

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In this post I'll share with you the list (+ screenshots) of the websites I visit nearly daily.

1. Blogger

Yeah, blogger, my blog's platform. I go there daily to view my yesterday's page views, make new posts and edit my blog layout.
I recently created a new website, a forum hosted by It cost me over 4 times the cost of running this blog (on Blogger) and since I use a bandwidth sharing option, the website often becomes unreachable when traffic surges. Now I know the value of running a blog on Blogger, availability is almost 100% for a cheap fee of $10 yearly. 

2. Google

It's my homepage on Internet Explorer. And yes I use Internet Explorer, it is not as bad as people claim, and if you don't go visiting 4shared, mediafile and other adware/spyware laden sites, you'll find IE as good as Chrome and better for most browser based software like Oracle database, ERP, CRM etc.
I frequent to search for more information on anything that interests me, verify the meaning of a word or it's spelling, and to google myself.

3. Adsense

As a blogger trying hard to supplement my monthly paycheck with some adsense cash, I daily check my earnings on Adsense. Until recently it's been disheartening.

4. is the only useful stocks data website in Nigeria. Though, I've stopped reading its analyses as I don't benefit anything. But I frequent the site to get an idea of what's happening to the stock market as a whole. 

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, though now spammy, is the world's largest network for professionals. I got my second job via LinkedIn. I find it not so much valuable anymore, but I still pop in daily. 

6. Facebook

Amazingly, Facebook is still as useful as when I first signed on. I get to see what my friends are up to and who just got married without inviting me.

7. Twitter

Since getting my first twitter account in 2009, I have opened a total of 4 and have over 4,000 followers. I use it mostly for blog content promotion.


That's my blog and I often visit to learn from myself, to look up that needed tip I once posted.


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