How to make DSTV subscription payments via Quickteller and change Bouquet

I remember the first DSTV re-subscription payment I made. The first subscription had come with the initial installation and set-up. It would be 30 days the next day and my subscription was going to expire. Immediately it was 12noon, I rushed my lunch and took a motorbike from Adeola Odeku to Tiamiyu Salvage just to pay my DSTV subscription. And when I saw the crowd outside, and the one inside too, I told myself, "This is it, I had better call Sam and tell him to shutdown my PC when he's leaving. This must be my next stop to home".
Now I pay my DSTV subscription online in 4mins via Quickteller.
And in this post, I will show you with elaborate steps and screenshots how to do it too.

These are all you'll need -

  • Your DSTV smartcard number
  • The Owner's name (one used to purchase the DSTV)
  • And an internet connection on a PC. Don't attempt to use your Blackberry.
Let's begin.

Click on the DSTV Subscription link.
In the page that comes up, pick the Bouquet you want to pay for.

For me, it's the DSTV Compact which is same as the MINI pack here. The one that shows the movie channels I enjoy and TRACE.
Then I click on Pay.

I fill in my phone number and smartcard number. Then click on Next

A confirmation page comes up. I fill in the Customer Name (DSTV Owner's Name)
I click on Pay.
I get redirected to the Interswitch webpay payment page. I fill in my card details

Gotcha! You were expecting my card details already filled in the screenshots. Hehee, I changed my mind.

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  1. The service is really superb. I have been using the site to pay for my dstv bills for some months now. The activation even seems faster than paying to agents. Thanks for this info

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  3. I wanted to pay for the DStv compact subscription. I mistakenly paid 63,000 instead of 6,300.

    Although, I've sent a message but I'm skeptical they will refund.

    What do you think?


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