Brightening my Grammar

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Hi there!
I've got some good news to share. I recently got several English Grammar books, I'm working on brightening my grammar. I'm finally biting the bullet and admitting that my grammar needs fixing.

For about 2 years now, I always cringe at the thought of reading my previous posts especially the ones I wrote at the start of my blogging pseudo-career. The grammatical blunders I come across in them are mood wrecking and make me want to quit blogging altogether. Then I console myself by reading other Nigerian blogs, rather than take time out to weed out the grammatical errors in all my previous posts. 
But something happened over this past weekend, I went for Lighthouse Toastmasters club meeting and met this amazing child, she is probably 8 years old but her English is too good. Not that she used big words or couldn't stop talking, she used simple words beautifully well and with a grammatical perfection I could only dream of. Her speech sounded like music to me, and when she spoke I gave her rapt attention and wished she would just go on and not stop. I kept thinking about how an 8 year old girl could acquire such fluency in English, must be the school. And since it's too late for me to go back to Primary school, I'll have to teach my self with the same dedication I used to acquire all my IT certifications and programming skills. So I went on Amazon kindle store and bought some free books. I saw the amazing reviews on the Grammar Girl's series and bought the audiobook version on

So now I'm brightening my grammar and soon you'll begin to notice the improvements I'm making in my subsequent posts.
Do you have any extra tip on how to brighten my grammar? Please share via the comment-box below.


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