The best presentation I have ever come across - The start-up is you!

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I'm sharing with you the presentation by the founder of LinkedIn, the world's biggest in its niche. This is the most inspiring presentation I have ever come across.

The highlights are -
  1. All Humans Are Entrepreneurs
    • To adapt to the challenges of professional life today we need to rediscover our Entrepreneurial instincts and use them to forge new sorts of careers.
    • Today you need to also think of yourself as an entrepreneur at the helm of at least one living, growing start-up venture: YOUR CAREER
    • Have a mindset of Permanent Beta, think of yourself as a work-in-progress. 
    • Invest in yourself every single day
    • Don't have one year experience repeated several times, stretch your comfort zone.
  2. Develop a Competitive Advantage
    • Differentiate or Die
    • You don't need to be better than all professionals, you just need to better in a local, professional niche.
    • Know and grow your assets - skills and cash
    • Have Aspirations and Values.
    • Market Realities - meet a profitable need.
    • You can become more competitive by changing the environment you play in. Some American basketball players not good enough to play in the NBA play successfully in Europe; their skills don't change but the market does.
    • Picking a market niche where you're better than the competition is key to entrepreneurial strategy
  3. Plan to Adapt
    • The world is not static. You change, the competition changes, and the world changes.
    • Your true identity is not found through introspection but rather emerges through Experimentation
    • Be Flexibly Persistent. Always ready to adapt, but also persistent in driving toward goals.
    • Prioritize learning. In the long run, you'll likely lead a more meaningful life and make more money.
    • Learn by doing. Actions, not plans, will generate the lessons that help you adapt to the next phase of your journey.
    • Think Two steps ahead. What next move will maximize the quantity and quality of follow-on opportunities?
  4. It Takes a Network
    • Relationship matter to your career no matter the organization or your level of seniority because, ultimately, every job boils down to interacting with people.
    • People control resources, opportunities, information and the like.
    • The people you spend time with will shape the person you are today and the person you aspire to be tomorrow
    • Relationships are like any living thing; if they are not getting stronger, they are getting weaker.
  5. Pursue Breakout Opportunities
    • Develop habits of behaviour that increase the likelihood you find great career opportunities
    • Be in motion, court selective randomness
    • Tap the networks and associations of people
    • Opportunities don't float like clouds in the sky; they are attached to people.
    • Join conferences and clubs
    • See constraints as a blessing in disguise: it's amazing how resourceful one can get when one has no choice but to be resourceful
  6. Take Intelligent Risks
    • Risk is a permanent part of life. Being proactively intelligent about risk is a prerequisite for seizing those breakout opportunities.
    • There's stiff competition for good opportunities; if you can intelligently take on risk you will find opportunities others miss.
    • Build up your resilience by taking up small risks on a regular basis
    • Those who regularly deal with small risks will never starve
  7. Who You Know is What You Know
    • In life, everyday is Exam day. Every day brings new, unpredictable challenges and decisions.
    • You get the intelligence to forge ahead by talking to people in your network
    • What you get when you tap into other people's brains is called Network Intelligence
    • For a life in Permanent Beta, the trick is to never stop starting
    • The start-up is you


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