How I fixed smf_related_topics table not existing

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This is not a regular post, it's a life saver for anyone who encounters the same problem I encountered on my smf forum.

I recently started a forum, a few months ago and installed all the mods I thought would be extremely useful -

  • Redirect page Mod
  • MetaTags Modification
  • Menu Editor Lite
  • SMFPacks: SEO Lite Mod
  • PM to New Members
  • Add Facebook Like, Tweet, and Google +1
  • Related Topics
  • Ad Managment
  • "Go to full version" link - moved to the top for wap, wap2 and imode templates
  • Pretty URLs
  • Advanced Recent Posts
  • RSS Feed Poster
  • Wireless/RSS amount displayed
  • BxK's WAP Mod
  • Youtube Integration Mod (0.1)
  • Add Social Media Icons To Profiles
  • Google Analytics Code
  • TinyPortal
  • Forum Name in Browser Title
  • Cumulus Congestus
Everything worked well, especially the RSS Feed Poster which made it possible for me to publish feeds from other sites and up the activity level on the forum.

Then suddenly, the RSS Feed Poster stopped working. I edited the feed entries and attempted to create a fake cron task, this crashed the forum. Thankfully, I host the forum on and they provide daily backups, so I had to restore my forum to the previous day (lost some members in the process) and got the forum back up. 
But I still had the issue of RSS Feed poster not working.
I created a cron job for the RSS Feed Poster via the cPanel and had it scheduled to run hourly. No result.
I SSHed to the server and ran curl and got an error indicating that there was a database issue. I then typed in my browser and got an error that a table, smf_related_topics does not exist.
I googled and found out that I could create the table myself using the MySQL admin tool in cPanel. I did that got a new problem instead - Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (id_msg) whenever I try to create a new post.

So how did I permanently fix this?
I simply uninstalled Related Topics mod and voila! Like magic everything started working as expected.


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