How to delete a vtiger CRM user and transfer ownership of his resources to another user

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vtiger CRM is very easy to use and very robust. You can read my previous post on how amazing vtiger CRM is.

However, in this post I'll be sharing with you the steps to deleting a vtiger user and transferring ownership of his resources to another user.

So login to the vtiger CRM.
You'll be taken straight to the Home page. Look to the upper right, to the symbol right next to your name, place your mouse on it and CRM Settings will show. Click on it.

You'll get to page similar to the one below.

Click on Users

Notice the Bin icon I highlighted in yellow. Click on it to delete a user, make sure you click the one on the row of the user you want to delete.
You'll get a pop-up similar to the one below

Now you can delete the user and have ownership of his resources transferred to another user.

That's it!


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