How to pay Airtel Postpaid bill online via Quickteller

What's the use of a postpaid line if you still have to go queue at an Airtel customer service center just so you can pay your bill? Well, you can guess the answer.
For the first 3 months of using my Airtel postpaid line, I was the biggest mumu in Lagos. I would take a bike in expensive VI to go queue at an Airtel customer service center to pay my Airtel postpaid bill. And on those days, I always end up spending the entire afternoon there. I won't forget one particular day, I got there and the crowd was just too much. I didn't want to waste the money I paid the bike man, so I waited and waited. It became very ridiculous, it was obvious that it would be at close of work before it would get to my turn. I left. And came back. 

Now I don wise up like Saka, I now pay online with super ease. No traveling to customer centre, no queuing and no ruined day.

And in this post I will show how I do that.

Click on Airtel Bill Payment (Postpaid)

Click on Pay
Enter your email and postpaid line. Click on Next

A page will come up with your subscriber details. (Impressive)
Enter the amount you want to pay. And click on Pay

Choose your card type.

Now, that's it. Once you pay, you'll get a transaction successful notification, an email and an SMS from your bank. 
I have been settling my Airtel postpaid bills via this method for about a year now, no glitch, not even once.


  1. I have been visiting various blogs to know about the online process of Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards

  2. Thanks Pawan!

    I'll keep providing quality posts.


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