In 10 mins, You Can Publish Your Book on Amazon. Checkout The Steps.

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Yes, you read that right. In 10 mins you can publish your book on Amazon. And all you need is a ecopy of the book -- can be in Microsoft word version, HTML (web) version, plain text file or ePub.

So for all of you who have written a book or something close to a book and will like to share it with the world with the opportunity for you to earn some foreign currency too, then today's your special day.

You head to and sign in with your Amazon account. If you don't have one; create one.

In the main page that comes up after you login, called Bookshelf, you get to create a new ebook or hard copy book. For hard copy book the process is similar. Amazon will print the book on demand and ship to the buyer for you. Meaning you don't need to print and warehouse large copies of your book to sell if you want people to buy hard copies of your book. Amazon will print the book and send to them while you just collect your share of the money. Awesome!

Make sure you have the electronic copy of your book within reach. 

Click on " + Kindle eBook".

Fill in the details for your book.  Click "Save and Continue" to move to the 2nd stage.

Upload the ecopy and the book cover design. When you click next, it will begin converting your book into the Kindle format.

Once this is done. Click on "Save and Continue" to set your price for the book.

And that's all!

Well almost.

How do you receive your payments in Nigeria?

Just as easy. Click on "Accounts" at the upper right. And put in your bank details. I use Payoneer, in case you want to know what I use to make it easy to receive the payments here in Nigeria.

All the best!


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