How To Install SQL Server 2019 And Set-up Adventure Works Sample Database For Certification Exam Practice

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I am working on building a robust dataset of a Nigerian company that our training participants for Power BI can be able to use to perfect their data analysis skills in a more business relevant way.

I decided to get the much talked about and large company database: Adventure Works. And in order to use it and get some ideas from it for my own Naija Limited company dataset, I had to install SQL Server 2019 and do some bit of SQL-ing.

I recorded my entire installation process and below is the YouTube guide for anyone interested in playing with the SQL database.


Are you preparing for Microsoft Power BI certification exam and feel discouraged by the study guide referring you to some practical tasks involving Adventure Works database?

Are you willing to practice your SQL and improve it on a corporate world relevant dataset?

And a bonus: 

How to bring in SQL Database Table data into Power BI and also how to connect to a live Google Sheet data table from Power BI.

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