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Felt this might be helpful to some of you. It was originally just for people who have taken our training courses but now I'm expanding the access to you and many other people who can benefit from it. Feel free to share with your friends and family.

Hello *Student*,
Here are some new important information for you to make the most out of our premium learning platform.
  1. Starting from May 2020, we will now have regular Online Office Hours where via a virtual meeting we will discuss what you've learned, challenges you are facing, career opportunities, tips, how to maximize value from the courses and everything that's going to be of value to you. 
  2. The joining link for Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis course's community where those Office Hours will hold is https://www.meetup.com/Microsoft-Excel-and-Data-Analysis-Learning-Community/
  3. The joining link for the Power BI (Business Intelligence) course's community where those Office Hours will hold is https://www.meetup.com/Power-BI-Learning-Community/
  4. The joining link for Financial Modeling course's community where those Office Hours will hold is https://www.meetup.com/Financial-Modeling-Valuation-Learning-Community/
  5. There will be occasional competitions and prize giveaways to spice things up and reward people for their time.
  6. My team will also use this as a platform for some of you to gain visibility in the global community. We are working on letting some of you become webinar hosts, community leaders and gain a ready audience/following to improve your career and be opened up to global opportunities.
  7. If you are taking the Power BI course, you can use our special Power BI pro account for your practice (if you don't have pro account from your company) so that you won't need to buy a separate Power BI pro account and will be able to practice all that I am teaching you. The email is xxxx@xxxx and the password is xxxxx and you login at https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/

All the best!

To your success,
Michael Olafusi | +1-941-312-2149 | 0700ANALYTICS | 01-6311885


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