Video Tutorial On How To Install And Use My Nigerian Market Data Excel App

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I finally got around creating a video tutorial on how to install and explore the different functions of my Nigerian Market Data Excel App. You can watch the 15 mins video here: 

I have been recently battling rising cost of maintaining this and my other applications. Which is a good problem. It is better to have something useful that people are interested in than to have something nobody wants. 

So I hope you've joined the train before we place a ticketing master at the entrance. You can easily install the app by following this text tutorial or visiting the app page.

I am almost done with my technical readings around Python and R. Very soon I will start building more real life projects I can delight you all with. The current material I am reading is as boring as my university lecturers' handouts, that it is almost a sleeping pill. Once I begin reading it, it is a silent fast count-down to sleep. This has greatly slowed me down. I am sure, though, that it would be worth the hard work.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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