Exploring Common Data Analysis Tools: Knime, Orange, RapidMiner and Weka

There are data analysis tools built to make working with most data analysis work easy and not 100% code writing. Some even pride themselves on being completely point and click. Unlike the vanilla R and Python, you can use them a lot more like you use Excel or any other graphic user interface (GUI) driven software.

The most popular among these tools are Orange, Knime, RapidMiner and Weka.

I have previously checked out Knime in 2015 but didn't attempt much with it. This time I will use them all on some live jobs I have got. I will be testing them intensely and going through their strengths and weaknesses.

I will also be sharing my findings with you all. If you want to follow along you can install them too or just wait for my posts to determine which would suite you best.


  1. Waiting on your experience using them (y).

    1. Hi Adebowale,

      I have kinda postponed using them for any serious work. Maybe, I am not patient enough as I find them too tedious to use compared to R and Python. All the clicking here and there, drag and drop, and hidden menus.

      I still plan to check them out later for a serious work use but for now I am back to my R and Python.



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