Updated Both My Power BI Stock Analysis Dashboard and Nigerian Market Data Excel App

You should check out my updated Stock Analysis dashboard. I spent the whole of Monday and the nights of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday updating it with 2016 financial records of the companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange that have filed their 2016 annual reports. I also updated the last closing price scroller to show values with Naira currency symbol. You can fully interact with it at https://www.nigerianelite.com/Shares/Analysis 

You can also install my updated Nigerian Market Data Excel app. If you don't have Excel 2016, just head to Excel Online (https://office.live.com/start/Excel.aspx) and install by clicking on the Insert menu, Office Add-ins, search for "Nigerian Market Data" and add/install it. Same steps if you use Excel 2016.

Here is the list of features it now has:

  1. Insert latest (yesterday) closing price of stocks on the NSE, insert historic closing price of a specific company and insert closing stock prices of all companies on a specified date.
  2. Insert quantitative analysis of the financial statements of companies on the NSE from as far back as 2005. 
  3. Insert foreign exchange rates of major currencies against the Naira, using Naira as the base. So no need to start converting first to dollars and then back to Naira as is the case with most other currency converters.
  4. Insert records of Nigerian Crude Oil production volume per month
  5. Insert Nigerian GDP Growth rates from as far back as 1980
  6. Insert Nigerian Inflation rates (CPI monthly) from as far back as 2007
  7. Insert CBN interest rates from as far back as 2007
  8. Insert Nigerian population figures from as far back as 1980 (interestingly we were 68.4 million in Nigeria then)
  9. Insert unemployment rate from as far back as 2010, quarterly.
  10. Insert states and their capitals in Nigeria
  11. Insert all the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria by state
  12. Insert as many random Nigerian names you need, maybe for demo data purpose (no need to use foreign names copied online or waste time typing random names)
  13. Insert as many short inspirational quotes as you want, ideal size for posting as tweets
Don't forget to install it and share any feedback you have.



  1. Hey sir,

    Where can I get the Power BI app?

    Thank you a muchly.

    1. Hi Ron. You can download the Power BI app from www.powerbi.com


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