Decided To Build The Mobile Apps Myself

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I am sure you got the post about me putting up a call for mobile app developers to help build the mobile and web app version of my Nigerian Market Data.

I got a couple of proposals. The problem however is that the technology stack they are good at (and obviously would be trying to use). After doing a proper check online on which is the best cross platform app building tech, Xamarin was the clear choice and I already have been learning Xamarin.

Today I met with one of the best candidates I got who, interestingly, is a Nigerian and stays in Lagos. He is good but again the technology he is good at will not work for me. It will do the job but is far from ideal for the job and in a matter of weeks/months I would need to remake the app if I want something great.

So I am deciding to dust my Xamarin books and video courses, and build what I want myself. The good thing about the project is that there is no crazy time deadline. I have already spent three years to aggregate the backend data and set many things in motion. In the process I had learned and built ASP.Net web API, C#, Entity Framework, Python for scrapping and JavaScript. Luckily, Xamarin for mobile app is a lot easy once you are already a C# programmer and I wouldn't want my intensive C# training to go to waste.

Maybe I'll just focus on having an external developer do the web app. Not sure yet but I am now certain I would rather take my time and build the mobile apps myself.


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