Getting Set For Nigerian Excel Users Meetup

This Saturday is our Nigerian Excel Users Meetup date and, interestingly, I am part of the organizers.

All the slots have been taken and we had to say "No" to people who wanted to bring along friend(s) so we can accommodate those who directly registered.

The agenda for the day is set in a very unconventional way to encourage more informal interactions than formal presentations.

Start Time: 10:00am

1) Introduction and networking (20 mins) 

2) General Discussions pt 1(Your Excel Journey, career advantage, Excel pet peeves, ideas, the esoteric, 40 mins)

3) Presentation 1 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins) 

4) Presentation 2 (25 mins) +  Q & A (10 mins) 

5) Break (10 mins) 

6) Presentation 3 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins) 

7) Presentation 4 (25 mins) Q & A (10 mins) 

8) Break (10 mins) 

9) Presentation 5 (25 mins) Q & A (10 mins) 

10) General Discussions pt 2 (Your Excel Journey, career advantage, Excel pet peeves, ideas, the esoteric, 40 mins) 

11) Close (5 mins)

End Time: 3:00pm (There will be drinks and snacks.)

And the presentation topics are (fuller details available here):

  1. Lean Six Sigma with Excel by Mr. George Aremu
  2. Centograqs by Mr. Omisile Kehinde Olugbenga
  3. ModelOff International Excel Based Competition by Mr. Charles Otoghile
  4. Excel vs Power BI vs Python vs R by Michael Olafusi
  5. VBA Coding Best Practices - a 'copy and paste' test case by Mr. Adeniyi Adeyinka

To be part of our future activities, you can join the meetup group at 


  1. Thanks for this wonderful info, Nigerian excel meetup, nice one. I am on it.

    1. You're welcome! And if you are interested in joining the Whatsapp group where most of our conversations happen, then here is the joining link:


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