UNDG Data Visualization Contest 2017

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Culled from: https://undg.org/undg-data-visualization-contest/
Appy at: https://undg.org/undg-data-visualization-contest/

The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Data Visualization Contest, sponsored by Tableau, is offering the opportunity for data scientists to showcase their skills by analysing and visualizing data from the new UNDG Transparency Portal.
The UNDG Transparency Portal displays data from UNDG members that are currently publishing to International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard. The objective of publishing to IATI standard is to improve the transparency and openness of aid, development, and humanitarian resources in order to increase their effectiveness in tackling poverty.
You can create a data visualization across any theme, country or region that combines UNDG data (through the UNDG Transparency Portal) to other agency datasets such as World Bank and Human Development Report data. Examples of datasets that can be used for this contest include, but are not limited to:
Preference will be given to visualizations that highlight new trends and insights into the sustainable development goals and indicators. For more information on sustainable development goals, click here


Develop a summary of your data visualization that explains:
  1. Choice of topic/theme
  2. How the dataset was obtained and sources
  3. Any cleaning, parsing, and analysis you performed on the dataset
  4. How data visualization improves/highlights a new understanding of the topic
  5. Any conclusions or inferences that can be made from the data visualization
The summary should not exceed 500 words and must be in English.
To create a visualization using Tableau:
  1. Download Tableau Desktop Profession, the product used by authors to create and publish dashboards. Tableau Desktop is available for both iOS and Windows PCs.
  2. Use the special key below provided by Tableau exclusively for the UNDG contest to activate the software.
  3. This key is valid till : 
  4. Create an account on   to publish your final Dashboard submission: https://public.tableau.com/s/ 
  5. Once a dashboard has been published, it is accessible via a web browser.
  6. Need inspiration or want to see the art of what’s possible?  Check out the Tableau Public Gallery https://public.tableau.com/s/gallery
To create a visualization through other means, publish it at a link and follow the guidelines below to submit your work.
All participants must submit an online web-based visualization.
The link to your online visualization must be submitted here
Please note: visualizations can be changed/edited before the deadline.
Deadline to submit visualization is April 30, 2017.


The following resources from Tableau to provide more information about the type and quality of data visualizations expected from this contest: Tableau Public Greatest HitsStarter Kit,  and two recorded sessions on Tableau Training: The Science of Visual AnalysisIntroduction to Calculations
Visit UNDG Transparency Portal GitHub wiki page for data sourcing and related materials.
More information can be found here.


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