Packt's Christmas Gift To Every Aspiring Developer

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Remember my post on the free daily book Packt gives: Get One Technical Or Programming Book Free Everyday

Well. this Christmas season they've stepped things up. They've opened up their entire library of over 4,000 eBooks and video courses to anyone interested. I have taken advantage of it and you too can/should at 

I have been seriously topping up my web application development skills. I now do an average of over 7 hours a day video lessons and practice. I have been pushing myself hard to get results from all my learning. This past seven days I have mostly used PluralSight (Microsoft gave me a free access to some of the PluralSight courses as part of my MVP Visual Studio Subscription offer) and Packt's Mapt.

It is that Mapt I am talking about today. And you can sign up for 10 days free access with no strings attached at  

I have taken advantage of the Asp.Net MVC and Web API video courses, and they have greatly improved my knowledge of those frameworks. 

I'll say it's a great Christmas present for anyone on the programming path.



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