MVP #84: Journeying into Excel Web Add-ins

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The newest biggest feature in the Excel world is the new Office Add-ins that allows you to build add-ins that can be published in the Office global store and made available to users on their Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, Excel for iOs, Excel for Android and Excel for web environment.

It is a big shift and full of opportunities. The current VBA add-in alternative works only fully on Excel for Windows and partially on Excel for Mac. The VSTO and COM add-ins work only on Excel for Windows. And they both can't be put in a global store that makes it easy for people to discover your add-in and offload a huge chunk of the marketing part off you. 

With the new Excel Web add-ins I get a lot of flexibility and ease of deployment, and can be used by users on any platform (Mac, Windows, smartphone or their internet browser).

I am currently working on a Nigerian Tools add-in that will provide common local tasks Nigerian users of Excel carry out, like:

  1. Insert a list of states in Nigeria
  2. Insert an expanded version of the list of states -- with capitals, population, governor, e.t.c.
  3. Insert NGN/USD, NGN/EUR and other NGN currency forex pairs
  4. Insert Nigerian companies on the stock exchange and their last share price, market capitalization, ROE, dividend yield etc
  5. Insert some interesting data from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics
  6. Naira currency sign formatting with 2 or zero decimal places
  7. Insert a map of Nigeria
  8. Insert the six geopolitical regions in Nigeria
I need more ideas of what to include. When done I will make the final add-in freely available to everyone and published on the Office apps store.

I am using Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise to develop the add-in.

It requires the knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It's making my long-term learning of those tools to now pay off.

Don't forget to share with me the ideas of what to include in the toolset. Thanks!


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