Getting Set For 2017

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I have started clearing my table for year 2017.

It is going to be my pivot year. I will be completely revamping my business model and re-orientating my life. I will be more deliberate in my actions and choices. I won't do things just because others are doing them or someone big has recommended I do them or because there is no harm in trying them out. I won't be speculating.

And that is why I say I am already clearing my table for year 2017. I have terminated all partnerships that book my time in bulk ahead and time me down. I have put in place most of my plans for my Excel line of business: 

  1. Published both the hardcopy and the ebook version of my book, and both locally and internationally
  2. Now consistent with our monthly webinar on Excel, Power BI and Business Data Analysis
  3. Consistent monthly Excel training class
  4. A forever valid Excel certification award
  5. A marketing strategy that works with little input from me
  6. Lots of word of mouth referral

I have already started skilling up for the web app business side. You can look up my progress at I have been learning a lot and staying very focused. I have gone through all the necessary training and now all left is practice, practice, practice. The beginning is always slow. I am used to that reality. My Excel skills didn't take off in a straight line. It was hardly moving up in the first months and then suddenly zoomed up.

I have all I need in my toolbox. Most importantly God and the ability to stay the course with constant dedicated efforts.

Occasionally, it looks like a gamble. What if I don't make any money from the web apps? What if my obsession with web apps shutdown the Excel business side that is the cash cow? What if I have over-exaggerated the potential market for the web apps?

I have a backup plan. Whether I make money quick enough or not from the web apps, the very hot skill of web app development will definitely earn me money. I will freelance with the skill, maybe set-up a training business for it too and create content I can sell. As far as I can see, the downside is not bad but the upside is enormous. And keying perfectly into it is my goal for 2017.

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  1. Good plan but one thing is missing from the article, putting us that we want you to mentor us in consideration. I know the exercise do slow you down as you have said in one of your article but some of us will appreciate if you can grant us that privilege.


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