An Investment Forum and Community For Nigerians That You Should Join

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Sorry for the delay in sending out today's post. I wanted to make sure the gist was perfect before sharing.

I have created an investment forum specifically for Nigerians to hold educative discussions, learn more about the investment world and share their personal experiences.

You should check it out and register at 

It is going to be a robust plaftorm with knowledge base that will serve like the wikipedia for investment in Nigeria. Also people will be able to hold intelligent discussions. Standards are high and it won't turn out like Nairaland where people ridicule others. 

I have started putting in the educative contents and you should register now to get the best out of it and more privileges than those who will join latter.

I have set it up on an expensive and industry leading platform -- Invision Power Services. It's literally costing me an arm and a leg monthly. So I am committed to making it work excellently and be value packed.

You can find me there and I hope to see you there too. Just register at 



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