Facilitating A Two Day Excel Training for eHealth Africa In Kano

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I am in Kano state. My first time. I got in at around 11:00pm last night via Azman Air. The flight was delayed by about three hours but I got a pleasant surprise. I didn't know I was booked for business class. 

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I will be training some staff of eHealth Africa on Microsoft Excel. And the training coordinator has been a very kind and entertaining person. Gave me a good talk on Kano, the Boko Haram crisis, the works of the NGOs and the unique approach eHealth Africa takes in achieving more impact than other NGOs. How they (eHealth Africa) even played a critical role in the Ebola fight across West Africa.

Kano is the commercial centre of Northern Nigeria and home to some of Nigeria's big companies. Like the manufacturers of Septol, W. J. Bush & Co. (Nig) Limited. Gogoni Company Limited, BUA Flour Mills, Nigeria Oils Mills and the very Azman Air I took to Kano. The local market is like what Onitsha market is to the East, Eko/Idumota market is to the west, and some say even greater as it serves people from other countries like Niger and Chad. 

For eHealth Africa, Kano is a very strategic place to HQ their operations. It is closer to all the places they administer help than Abuja, the favourite HQ spot for most NGOs.

As I will be teaching them Excel, I hope to learn a lot too from them about everything I find interesting -- how the NGO space works, the entire Northern Nigeria and how they use technology to drive impact (which is at the core of their unique approach).

If I find anything worthy of sharing, you can be sure I'll share. Maybe as my Christmas day post. 

Wish me luck!

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