Managing Your Options

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The easiest way to live an unhappy life is to have unreasonable expectations and to constantly seek options outside our reach. It sounds nice and makes for a dignifying talk to want to be richer than Dangote, to want to go to Harvard, to want to become the CEO of an MNC, to want to own a house in Ikoyi, to want to explore more adventures than Sir Richard Branson, to want something better than what everyone has. You could even claim them every Sunday or do a daily positive confession. To want/claim the absolute best of everything is same as greed.

At every stage in your life, you are meant to examine your options and take the best. Not sadden yourself claiming options outside your reach. You'll make steady healthy progress when you make the best use of the resources and options God bring your way, rather than worry yourself to unhappiness about options outside your reach.

A key decision in living a sound life is ignoring social pressure. If the fundamentals of a choice everyone is pressuring you to take is not sound, and the biggest reason you can find for taking it is the social trend, then you should ignore everyone and do what is fundamentally sound/right. 

Life is a lot like investment. Having a sound strategy is the only winning scheme. You can't let sentiments drive you into buying a stock you don't find fundamentally sound. So why let sentiments drive you into throwing your life at a choice you don't find fundamentally sound.

Everyday, you should make decisions that soundly make the most of your options. The decisions might even be to expand your options. That's mainly what we are doing when we learn a new skill or gather more experience at an old skill. What would be hard fooly will be to want to jump from point A to point B without a sound strategy except claiming point B with positive confessions.

In building a mansion, you work with the tools you have and acquire the ones you need while spending as much time as needed building the type of mansion you want. And the same with building the type of life you want, you work with what you have and acquire what you need while working hard at building that life. It's all about managing your options.


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