Running A Business Is Actually Fun

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I live a more relaxed life. Though busier, but really more relaxed. I also have quantifiable worries. I always know that the worse is losing a particular client, not losing my job/business. As an employee, even what's not your fault can lead to your job loss: economic downturn, angry key customer, terrible boss, deceptive colleagues, and even the management's new fever. It's always either you ignore your worries or blow it out of proportion. Now all that is gone.

I am more able to think creatively and try out whatever idea I have immediately without seeking anyone's approval or checking if it's against my employment terms. I can post whatever I like online, say whatever I really want to say and not fear I am endangering my chances of getting a great job by ruining my background check.

I am a very hardworking person. And there's this popular statement about paid employment: 20% of the staff do 80% of all the revenue making/sustaining work, compensating for idleness of other staff and the high salary of management staff. I always felt like I was slaving for others. I was always doing way more than my fair share of the work. Now all those feelings are gone. All the work I do is for myself, no slaving for someone else. No part of my value created for the company is shaved off by other employees who are slacking and bosses who live large.

Finally, it's the big league. In the corporate world, owning your business is the peak. I don't wake up someday and feel like I am limiting my potential or wanting to do something greater/bigger. I am already in the biggest corporate league. I am at the ground floor of a 120 storey building, a skyscraper, and there is only one direction to go: UP. That's what I feel like everyday. Everything I read is in light of my new circumstance. I am growing just as fast as I was in my first year in the university. Lots of new challenges. No permanent or costly mistakes. Learning all I can. Trying out everything within my capacity. Aiming for the moon, knowing that even if I miss I'll be among the stars. I am on the path I have always dreamed of for my career. I am at the driver seat of my professional life, and the owner of the car too. And it's a big fun to know I can do anything without fear of someone else. And I have recently chosen to grow the business crazily this year.


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