Making Steady Progress In My Web Development Learning

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I am now making steady progress towards becoming a web developer. It hasn't been easy squeezing out time to read, practice and attend my training classes. In fact, it's been a month since my last class with one of my trainers and the other one is beginning to think I have lost interest as I haven't attended a class with her this year.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do what you know is the best to do. I know learning web development is way more important than most of the projects I have gotten my neck into. I try to say no to many requests or go silent to some inquiries but I am not seeing any significant reduction in my workload. Maybe it's because of the heavy advert campaign I run on Google. I now spend over $200 (N60,000) per month running adverts on Google to promote our services to potential customers. The result is that I get phone calls and emails everyday, more than I can handle sometimes.

And the consulting income cycle is not very helpful. It's either work comes in a flood or a trickle, rarely in a flow you would want and can easily manage. So now I force myself to put aside pressing tasks and head for the goal ahead. The software market is green in Nigeria. Almost no competition, and web development is the final piece to me having a scalable product offering. I can now build products others can use and pay for, rather than building one customer software (which I currently do). Somehow, people will always get more from you than you planned to give. So building software for just one client is a very tasking task compared to the income from it. Especially in Nigeria here where people are not accustomed to paying high for intangibles like a computer program.

My ultimate plan is to build web applications that people will pay a token monthly to use. Or need to buy on apps store. And I am now making impressive progress. I will soon share the website where you can access and tryout the things I am building.

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  1. That's cool to know boss. Maybe someday we could work together in delivering a solution that'll make a global impression using Software. :)


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