What's Fundamentally Wrong With Us In Nigeria

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The biggest problem we have in Nigeria is that we are not fixing the issues that are fundamentally wrong with us. So today I have compiled the list of what I believe are fundamentally wrong with us.
  1. We've been a self-ruled country for 55 years now and a steady democracy for 16 years. How long does it take for us to get our acts together? Our leadership system is broken. 
  2. If you want to predict the future of a country, you go check out what's going on in its citadels of learning (its schools). As long as we have schools that are like time capsules back to the 1970s then we can kiss innovative development goodbye.
  3. Every nation gets the leader it deserves because the leader is always one of the people. And in democracy, installed by the people. As long as we don't have proper self esteem and a drive to live/act better, we will always have poor leaders. As long as people hoard meats and drinks at parties while others get nothing to eat or drink; as long as you have to be rich to get a decent education; as long as our police officers have no shame or sense of what's really right; as long as our newspapers only paint celebrities as the model for the youths; as long as we have more illiterates than literates and more ambitious; as long as we have ill educated people; as long as we keep throwing refuse in improper places; as long as we keep bullying those socially beneath us; we will never fully rise out of the national rut we are in.
  4. Electricity. It has been in existence for over 120 years and it is one of the easiest systems to run. Transformers, power turbines, electricity grids are one of the most reliable things in the world. They don't require much servicing or maintenance and can run for decades. The power generation systems are very predictive and can even be run by unintelligent robots. All the countries in the non African world have no problem with providing enough and dependable electricity for their citizens. Even the countries with hurricanes and earthquakes. Our own Nigeria can't. Anything that requires more IQ than politicking fails in Nigeria.
  5. Same with railway and public telephone systems. We are one of the countries that have little desire to use our brains.
  6. We don't produce/manufacture anything that requires high technology. We are always behind the curve in every serious aspect of economic development and progress. 
  7. We still have to pick beans. Just imagine if the other countries didn't figure out how to bag picked rice, we'll probably be picking rice too. 


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