The Good Farmer

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Life is in so many ways like farming. You reap what you sow. You sow seeds for the future harvest. You till your land, water the plants and fight rodents. It is a lot of hard work. Some people get a better land than yours. Unexpected disasters happen. But you get better with time and experience.


So we can all learn from the good farmer. He is hardworking. He puts in a lot of work at the beginning. He buys a land, clears it, till it and plant seeds in it. He religiously waters and caters for the plants. He buys fertilizers and anti-disease sprays. He doesn't wake up two months after planting and give up because he can't see the harvest. He knows that every single activity matter. Every little care, every little attention and every extra effort add up in the end.

When the rain falls too much and damages his farm, he doesn't curse the rain and complain endlessly. He immediately try to undo the damage and improve the chances of the surviving plants. Then when there is no rain for months and the plants begin to dry up and die, he works extra hard to water them all and buys tanks of water. 

When the insects and rodents strike, he fights back and spends heavily on putting an end to their attacks. When diseases afflict his plants, he buys them spray drugs. He pays attention to the health of his plants.

As his resources allow, he gets helping hands and buys more lands. He buys heavy farming equipment. He makes more investment into his farm. He knows that he is only going to reap what he sows. 

And life is also like that. You have to work hard and fight off a lot of hardship. You have to be consistent and hopeful. You have to plant what you want to harvest and nurture it. You have to pay attention to all that matters to you. You have to grow and expand too. 

In many ways, we are farmers too. Be a good farmer.


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