How I Find Time To Write Daily

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You'll always find time for the people and the things you love. And writing is something I love. The only set of people I have consistently wanted to be like are writers. Since I was 8 years old or so, I had taken a lot interest in books and loved writing.


I don't have photo albums, even when they were popular and something you were expected to entertain visitors with. But I still have most of my writings. They are my photos. They show me who I was 12 years ago and how I have changed through the years. Writing is my favourite way of expressing myself. In written words, I can say everything and anything without thinking much of the consequence or having a headache. 

Last week, I came upon a recommendation of a dictating software. The concept was that it would enable writers write faster, as you simply dictate what you want to write and have it do the actual typing for you. It didn't appeal one bit to me. I would rather have the opposite -- a software that reads out what I write and saves me the trouble of talking.

I was discussing with a professional editor about engaging her services for my novel. She advised that I finish the novel, which I am already passed half-way into, before having it editted. Then suggested that I could get it done faster by booking dictating sessions, where I dictate the next chapters over the phone and have her do the writing. I told her it wasn't going to work at all. The words I write are not predetermined, they come out only when I place my hands on the keyboard. There won't be anything to dictate. 

It's now very common for people to come up with lists of things they want to do or places they want to visit during their lifetime. I don't have such a list but if I were to make one now, matching George Bernard Shaw's over 250,000 publications (books and published articles) would be on that list. He wrote daily and he's one of my main inspiration that I too can write daily. 

For some people writing is fashion, something they do to get someone else's attention. They put their audience first and write only what they believe will get them the attention they want. For me writing is functional, something I do because it helps me pull through life better and it helps me empty my mind. After I write in the morning, I feel energized and ready for the day with a free mind. 

Writing is that important to me and it's just natural that I will always find time for it. It's the second thing I do most morning, after praying. I write before I brush, before I bathe, before I prepare for the day and before I even think. If I get to anywhere late in the morning, it is always because I couldn't finish my writing early enough that day. 


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