Aggressively Expanding My Digital Marketing

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In our training feedback form, we ask for how the participants got to know about us. It's not unusual to see all of them fill "Internet".


9 out of every 10 clients I have worked for found out about us on the internet. So recently I have been seriously expanding our digital marketing. I am now spending a lot on online adverts, premium online tools and buying software that'll automate some activities for me.

Just yesterday, I paid $60/month for a LinkedIn Business Plus premium account. I figured out that if LinkedIn has been getting me a lot of clients already without much promoted activities on it, then I should gain a lot more if I sign up for the premium accounts, use some complementary online tools (like Autopilot for LinkedIn) and do a lot more active marketing on LinkedIn. 

I also worked on my Google Advert campaign. If you search for "Excel training" and some other Excel related stuff on Google you will see our advert on the Google Search results page. It is quite expensive as I am yet to see any conversion from it but I am sure it is getting us in front of the people we want to reach.

I have also been buying a lot of online tools (software) to automate common tasks I do or should do, And I have been using more indirect ways of marketing. One is the Amazon adverts I run for my book on Excel. It is doubling as both a likely means of extra income and a way of getting more exposure for the business. I would be running a 3 days promo soon and have already publicized it on over 18 ebook websites, hoping it would get us in front of new audiences.

I tried Twitter ads too but wasn't happy with the results and stopped after one day.

I am also running a LinkedIn ad campaign. Set the ad to show to type of people I have seen come for our monthly training. The calls haven't been coming in yet but I know it is at least growing our brand. Not many companies in Nigeria put up LinkedIn adverts because they are very costly; you tend to see only multinationals putting up adverts there. It puts us in the same credo level as those companies.

I have always been reading about how most of the successful companies spend a sizable chunk of their revenue on marketing. Some as high as 30% of their revenue. Now, I am beginning to convert that knowledge to practice and see marketing as an investment and not just something to do when there's spare cash.


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