Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Most times we gain nothing from lying or being dishonest. Apart from being not being good on both a religious and a moral standpoint, dishonesty zaps a lot of our energy. Science has proven that it takes a lot more work for the brain to come up with a lie than to tell the truth. And that is not yet factoring in the more work you will need to do to keep the lie looking real.

The one that I see people do and get no gain from is lying about how close they are to where they are going. "I am already close by, there is a lot of traffic; I'll be there in 5 mins." Someone who is more than 30 mins away. Now he's kicked his entire system into a needless hurry just to make the lie look real. In the end he gets there 30 mins later and the original lie hasn't been of any help. People overestimate how dumb others are. They would lie about as many things as they can even when there's no obvious gain in sight. Fooling the other person is like fun to them. The only issue is that they leave our the reality that lies have a shelf-life.

Being honest always pay off. First, it becomes obvious to those around you. And except you a partying teenager, you will get more beneficial relationships. People would rather work or do business with you than someone less honest, even if your honesty involves making your weakness obvious while the competition hides his.

And being honest makes you try harder to fix your weaknesses and problems. Your being honest makes them obvious and forces you to fix them. Unlike the dishonest person who is more concerned with coming up with new and more convincing lies to cover them up.

Also being honest frees you up to spend your energy on more valuable tasks rather than trying to keep up with a chain of lies and avoiding being found out. Honesty is not just about being honest with others, it's also about being honest with yourself. You see clearer when you have no intention of hiding things. You open your mind and tap into endless possibilities when you are not tied to a fake past to make look real.

I strongly believe that when you live responsible and are hardworking, honesty will always serve you better than dishonesty in all circumstances. If you live right, honesty is the best policy.


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