Hiring A Fresher With Excel VBA Knowledge

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Business is going great and now I am working on hiring a full-time technical assistant. The plan is to train him on the job and make a technical project manager out of him in as short time as possible.

I have been working and thinking hard on how to build a strong team and my resolution is now to try all the options I have and make adjustments along the way. Part of the team will be working remotely but I need one person to work full-time on-site. He would shadow me and learn the tools of the trade, especially the subtle part of the business that can't be absorbed remotely.

The ultimate plan is to begin to hands-off the technical bit of the business gradually and have a team that can take up as much jobs that the marketing team brings. I would also be trying out virtual workers via Upwork. In the end, which ever works is what I would be doing more of. If the results from having a full-time on-site team member works fantastic, then I would hire more and the guy that gets this role will immediately become the team lead (hopefully).

Below are the Job Details. If you have someone okay with the pay and opportunities, and also young enough to absorb new knowledge and meet the requirements, please share with him.

1.       Has work/academic experience in Excel, VBA (very important) and Database.
2.       Able to understand project requirements
3.     Comfortable with technical details and able to work on projects independently
5.       Good communication

Job Role
1.       To assist project manager with Excel based projects for companies and clients
2.       To attend client meetings and take down specifications
3.       To do project documentation
4.       To support clients and manage issues

1.       N55,000/month
2.       25GB/month free internet
3.       Performance bonus up to N100,000 from some jobs (will always get a cut of every major project)


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