No One Has It Easy

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It is very easy to feel some people have it easy because they are not facing the type of problems you are battling. A graduate with no job yet will think his ex-classmates who have gotten jobs have an easy life. A low salaried worker will feel his friend who is earning thrice his own pay is having an easy life. There is always someone you feel has an easy life.

The truth is that no one has an easy life. Or why would celebrities commit suicide or be drug addicts or always deep in scandals. Life is generally tough for everyone -- whether you are a billionaire or hundrednaire. There is a general degree of toughness everyone faces. What largely varies is the thickness of our skins.

The poor man living on the street worries about less than most rich guys who live in a mansion because he has a very tough skin and the pins that prick the rich guy have no effect on him. He is not worried that his shirt is not well ironed. He is not worried that someone is trying to steal from him. He is not worried that he is going to miss an appointment. He is not worried that someone will kidnap his family member. He is not worried about pretty much everything that worries the rich guy. And most of all, he wouldn't commit suicide because he's facing a tough life (like some rich guys do). His own troubles are different and very few -- what to eat, what to wear and where to sleep.

Now those are extremes most of us don't fall into. Consider it as two far ends of a rope. Most of us are somewhere close to the middle of that rope. As you move from the poor man's end to the rich guy's end, your troubles change but they don't ever get fewer nor do they make you work less. And most significant of all, your skin softens. The things that will get at you become more. People will think you are having an easier life but you know without any doubt that you are not. You now have more worries and feel more pain.

No one as it easy.


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