What If You Started With Just One Small Step Everyday?

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Life is full of opportunities mixed with difficulties. You never get all you need at once. The toolbox is always missing one major tool. When money is not the problem it is often the sacrifices you make to keeping getting it that is the problem. And when you are doing the very things you love and always wanted to do, you don't earn enough money doing them. Life is a strange mix of abundance and lack.

The good thing is that the things our happiness are built on are not complicated. If you let go of the outside noises; if you let go of what people will say or think; if you let go of what the trend is pushing you to do; if you let go of the things that don't truly matter to you, you will find out that all you need to do to be happy aren't much. They are often just things you are not doing already.

For me, that I am able to write everyday and without any restraint; that I am able to go after every passionate idea I have and that I live life at my own pace are all I need to be happy. And how do I go about achieving this? I simply do a bit of everything that truly matters to me everyday. I write an article everyday, regardless of how good or inappropriate it is. I try to end each day still in the entrepreneurship game regardless of how tough and bleak the future sometimes look. I have spent all my savings on every idea I have, whether silly ones like an FM transmitter to jam FM stations or lofty ones like building a world-class business. If I were my own adviser or mentor I wouldn't recommend for myself the life I am now living: no solid financial plan, no future plan beyond living out my passions daily and too much low paying hard work. 

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There is, however, one useful advise I can share with you from my life. And that advise is that you can (and should) go after the real things that will make you truly happy one small step everyday. Whatever it is. You don't have to quit anything major. Just take a daily small action targeted at bringing you closer to the genuine fulfillment you deserve. I wanted to be more creative, so I began brushing my teeth daily with my left hand so as to unlock the creativity the right side of the brain is known for. Today, I hardly notice that I do it. But the results have been real. I have become more visual and less logic-limited. I'm awashed in ideas everyday. That's how powerful doing something small daily in the direction of your happiness can be. By the end of this year I would have written 365 blog posts on this blog. All by the small effort of writing one blog post per day. I am still an entrepreneur not because I'm making more money than I was while working a day job or that I haven't been getting job opportunities but because everyday I wake up I plan to sleep that night still as an entrepreneur. 

A small step everyday is all you need to become genuinely happy and go after the life of fulfillment you've always dreamed of. Don't let anything discourage you: not the thought that you are not competent enough nor the feeling that you have no time nor the perceived silliness of whatever you want to do. Don't think: If only I had more time and resources. Think: What if I started where I am with just one small step forward everyday?


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