Exiting year 2014; entering year 2015. A good Story

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2014 has been a great year. Even though I came into it with many expectations, I can confidently say I'm exiting it with most of those expectations met. I will be entering year 2015 in less than 24 hours as a happy growing man. As a satisfied work-in-progress. Not that I'm satisfied with where I am or what I have become, but I'm satisfied with my rate of growth. I started from a very low base. I have too many poor skills, well below average skills, and this year has been more of becoming average at those vital skills I scored very very low in. 

 If each year could be condensed into a story, this year would make for a good one.
  1. I started my own business,
  2. I do more of the kind of work I enjoy
  3. I read many books and learned a lot.
  4. I identified all the parts of me that need to change or be complemented for me to be successful in business. And I am beginning to make the changes required.
  5. I broke free from my employee mindset that made me very negative at the beginning. As an entrepreneur it's never about where you are but where you are headed. Things are too dynamic in the business world that you can be broke now and have millions tomorrow. So I stopped monitoring my bank account balance.
  6. I learned to build a virtual team and not try to do everything.
  7. I learned to become more pragmatic and able to get over my bad lucks/experiences fast.
  8. I learned to be bolder and more daring. Going full-force for what I want and trusting my ideas more.
  9. I did all sorts of jobs this year and learned how to manage many unrelated jobs/projects successfully.
  10. I became less worried about my bad habits. No entrepreneur is perfect. Business is all about being the client's best choice. Not his perfect choice. Even the CEOs of big successful companies have flaws that will amaze you. Business is almost like politics, people go for the best or least terrible of their options. Just be better than your competition.
  11. I now focus on my strengths and seek perfection at what I'm very good at.
  12. I got a great partner -- life and business.
  13. I became good at giving my clients the warm fuzzy feeling that makes a consultant a darling. They sleep easy knowing they've got someone very competent and dependable working on that important task for them.
This year has been my greatest so far. And I am filled with a positive zeal to make 2015 a greater one. I also hope to be a better christian next year, not letting work eat into my church time.

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Happy new year in advance! Thanks for being there, making my daily writing a worthy task. May the coming year be a very great one for us all.


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