2014: Merry Christmas!

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And so today as finally arrived. Merry Christmas!

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For many years and until today, Christmas day, for me, as been a day to do no work. Unlike what I see in movies, I don't get Christmas gifts. It seems in Nigeria the only thing we send ourselves on Christmas are Christmas wishes. And like a good Nigerian, that is what I am also sending you.

Unfortunately for me, today is not going to be a no work day for me. And neither is tomorrow. I have an Excel program I should have written over the past weekend that I just figured out how to write it yesterday. That's the thing about programming. It's so much like writing. You spend more hours figuring out what to do than actually doing. So today I will be doing the program, as I have finally moved past the stage of figuring out how to code the program. 

I will try to squeeze out time for some phone calls and more Christmas wish gifts. And like this post, my Christmas break is going to be a very short one.

Once again, Merry Christmas! And regardless of how you intend to spend today, do have a wonderfully merry day.


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