2014: Dying To Fulfill Destiny

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"Except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone: but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit." John 12:24

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I believe in destiny. That a man can't become everything or anything he wants to become: there are bounds to what he can become. And I also believe that no man knows those bounds; no man knows the full breadth of all he can become. So he can safely try to become whatever he desires and only after numerous failed attempts can he find out one of the things he wasn't destined to become. I don't believe in someone trying to let me know upfront what falls within or outside my destiny. The only reliable ways I can know are if God tells me by himself and when I find it out for myself.

Well, this year, 2014, has been one of fulfilling destiny for me. I call it dying to fulfill destiny. Taking actions that are killing one in some ways just to find out more about what one could be; one's destiny. This year I have taken very bold and almost suicidal steps. I have buried almost everything I have, like a seed, and hoping some will rise to a more glorious life. Like that corn of wheat that dies to rise more glorious and fruitful.

So far I am still watering my seeds. One or two are beginning to sprout.


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