2014: Amazing People

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This year I met many amazing people. Much more than I have met in any other year of my life. It's said that if you know where you are heading, the world will make way for you. I think it should be: If you know where you are going, the world will put on your path people who will help you. And usually that help will come in form of some of them knocking you around and giving you bad experiences that will toughen you for your journey, while the rest will literally hold your hand and help you walk along the path you've set yourself.

Luckily for me, I met more of the "hold your hands" category of people than the "toughening bad experience" people. I met H. I met E. I met F. I met A. I met B. I met Y. I met S. I met K. I met I. I met P. I met M. I met D. I met V. People who have encouraged me to go confidently in the direction of my dream and to live the life I have always imagined.

Most of them are entrepreneurs, running their own successful businesses. I learned a lot from them and got personal help from most of them. I learned the human side of business from S, that one shouldn't be too obsessed with profit generation but be willing to give back to the society in ways your pockets will deeply feel. I learned from F that business is all about seeing beyond the hardship and the never ending troubles, and creating the reality you want. I learned from K that money will always come, I should just stay in the game.

Then there is super E. Showed me practically how to build a virtual team and get amazing results. And she has got something for all of you hoping to get a secondary source of income in the coming year: Internet Marketing Home Business

Earning money online is more about doing a couple of things right rather than doing everything possible. She has walked the work and earned the street cred to talk and show you the way too. If you are interested, you can read more here -- http://reefknotglobal.com/UltimateSalespackage1/ 

Like we Yorubas say: if God is going to help a man, He sends him the right people. Judging by the kind of people I have met this year, I think God is trying to help me.

And you? Did you meet more good people than bad people this year?


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