Easiest Way To Become Creative

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The easiest way to become creative is to use your current creative ideas. When you put to work your existing creative idea, no matter how little the idea, your brain feels rewarded and comes up with more creative ideas. But when you don't work on the creative ideas you currently have, your brain won't come up with new ones and those ideas will forever oscillate between your conscious mind and unconscious mind. They won't die nor give space for new ones.

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The mind is like a diamond mine, you have to dig in to get more. Some people have some of their diamonds very very close to the surface and with just a little surface scratching they come up with jewels. With little effort they come up with impressive creative works. But there are some, like me, whose diamonds lay far from the surface and require a lot of digging to pull out. We have to put in a lot of initial efforts to come up with any impressive creative work. We look untalented till we become obsessed with work or a particular hobby. We don't do anything extremely well until we have done it repeatedly over a long time.

Regardless of which category you fall under, your best and most creative ideas will always require a lot of digging. You will have to get rid of the initial creative ideas you uncover so as to access the ones lying beneath them. And the strange thing about ideas is that they don't die, you can't kill them. The only way to get rid of them is to use them up in something else. As you keep using up the ideas you have, you uncover more ideas. And soon, like me, you will have your head full of ideas.

The most special thing about digging up ideas is that you'll begin to uncover uncommon ideas, like rare jewels, and you'll also become an expert at valuing ideas. You will recognize all forms of ideas and their value, whether they are your idea or someone else's. You will be able to do more with each idea you have and become a big picture person.

Finally, I'll advise that you try out all your ideas. Except you've surrounded yourself with bad influences and have evil ideas, in which case you should change your environment first to have noble ideas. Then everyday do the most you can towards implementing your ideas. It's a very fulfilling way to live. And it's what I do. Everyday I sleep very happy knowing I have put in my best at giving wings to my ideas. I wake up the next day with vigor and the desire to continue from where I stopped the previous day. It makes me feel unlimited and rich in resources (mostly intangible resources).


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