Why Money Can Never Make You Happy

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How much money is enough?
Just a little more.

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We all have days when we feel: if only I was earning a little more money, all these problems would be gone. I, sometimes, have several of those days in a month. And then I occasionally wish that I had won a lottery or MTN's airplane awoof. I know the perfect thing to do with the money. I have more plans for the money I do not have than the one I have. 

When I changed my job and got a 40% increase in monthly take home, I thought my money problems were solved. And ultimately, all my problems were solved since they were all money problems. Two months later, they were back and bigger. Then my part-time biz started giving some cool side cash. I even considered quitting my job; I was sure I had caught the golden boot. Now, I would rather sleep than look for more part-time gigs. They are almost as tasking as my day job and I don't get paid sometimes. I only work for the ones that call and mail me ceaselessly. I'm still trying to put numbers on my projections, and I'm in the stage of finding out how much I can make without looking for clients or calling people back (follow-up). I like trying new things. That's the excuse I give myself to keep indulging in my anti-social habits. And now that I know that money only makes my money problems bigger, I've lost the biggest motivation to lose my sleep over money.

Why money can never make you happy?

Ok, I lied a little. I have never seen someone who just got a pay raise and wasn't happy. I have never seen someone who won a lottery and felt sad about it. Money definitely makes one happy. Just not for long. I have never seen someone celebrate the anniversary of the lottery he won a year ago. The twinkle I see in the eyes of new staff don't last till month end. The real happiness, the one that lasts, comes from within. A great family and supportive friends can help you find it. And if you are extremely lucky, money can help you find it. But money can never give it to you. You have to want to find it. And then, find it. 

For me, I found out that expressing myself unhindered makes me very happy. I don't need more money for that. All I need is to express myself more. Write more. Read more. And live more. I try to live each day to the fullest. And it gives me huge joy. All my future plans can be summarized as trying to make the most of today with an eye on my one life goal.

Once again, having more money does help. You'll feel good for a day or week. And if you're able to find a way to have more and more money every week, then money might make you happy for life. But if you're like most of us, you'll have to reach deep within yourself to find the happiness you seek.


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