The Thoughts of a Narcissist

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I'm more than one in a million
On earth, we are over 7 billion
But the thought of it is very confusing
Should I see myself as unique and amazing 
Or should I see myself as a speck and dispensable 
Both seem right and undeniable

I used to think about everything
The whole world looked to me as a ring
Everything and everyone is connected
The future is by the present erected
Maybe I'm like every other person
But placed at a different angle to the sun

I used to imagine being someone else
Am I going to have same views and sense
What if everyone was like me
To with the same mind and eyes see
But I often see a part of me in all
As my eyes on the mirror of time fall

I used to think of life centuries ago
What if I was born 900 years ago
No internet, no computers, no iPad Air
And God help me if I was born here
Maybe I'll be same, slightly looney
Trying to convert my brain to money

Then I stopped having those thoughts
Maybe 900 years ago we had no clothes
The life expectancy then would be 20 or less 
Why would I want to be someone else 
My future better depends on more than my present 
And my life is not on the 7 billion dependent


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