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I'm able to post one creative article per day, swim (almost) every Sunday, do push-ups almost every other day, do consulting jobs on top of my stressful day job, and, best of all, wake up inspired and sleep happy. All because I chose to be myself.

I embraced the inner me and got myself a lifestyle that is natural. A lifestyle that I don't struggle to sustain; one that even gives me enough resilience to overcome a lot of shocks. Some of my friends don't think it's the best type of lifestyle. I hardly pick phone calls; I sometimes don't reply to messages; and I don't visit anyone.

But it's not originally deliberate. I found out that phone calls give me headache and most people only call me when they need stuffs from me. Plus I hate telling people "No". I have never felt like missing anything by not attending social events nor visiting friends. It's usually the other way round. All my life, I can count the number of times I have asked anyone (including my parents) for help. I would rather trek 5kms than ask a friend for a lift. I'm just wired that way. So, I'm really happy with very few friends.

I don't enjoy chitchats. I always end up spending the night feeling sad about most of the things I've said: Maybe I exaggerated a bit or I bad mouthed someone else. So I avoid moving in the company of people I know, colleagues and friends. The last time I was drunk was when I was 13 years old. I've not taken any alcoholic drink since I was 15. I'm not a food freak. So most parties and outings are not enticing to me.

But the amazing thing is I get along well with everyone. People say I'm a very pleasant guy, that I've got a charming way of stringing words and never short of great ideas.

One day, I gave up trying to be like most people. I embraced my inner self and chose to be the real me. And ever since I began enjoying everyday. It made it look like I have more than 24hrs a day. I began having friends that I get along perfectly with. I became more confident and adventurous. I no longer feel like I'm in someone else's skin, or trying to be someone I'm not. I could connect more with people as I'm no longer ashamed of myself. I began doing more of the things I enjoy. I began moving and living at my own pace. I stopped comparing myself to others. I accepted my uniqueness and focused on making the most of it.

In short, I became me. 


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