Be a Genius


To create something that is unique and full of value. That's being a genius.

Talent wins you a competition; genius has no competition. And everyone can be a genius. Forget about what your school reports said about you. Forget about what your teachers said about you. Forget about what your colleagues say about you. Get out of the competition mentality. What you are destined/designed to do is beyond what currently exists and what any other person can conceive. You are different for a purpose. Don't let anyone compare you to someone else. Don't let anyone cage your potential. Don't let anyone tell you how far you can go. Don't let anyone dim your light. 
Unleash your potential. Do something no one is doing -- start a unique blog, start a unique foundation, meet a unique need, stand for a unique value, live the unique life you've always dreamed of. Be a genius.

Then don't stop. Don't give up. The beginning is always the toughest. Even Shakespeare had it rough in the beginning. His plays were considered lame, shaky. Thomas Edison was a master of failure. He had more experience at failing than at succeeding. Michelangelo was a workaholic. He frequently forgot to shower, eat or sleep. Steve Jobs kept rejecting all rejections and made his own chances. Mother Theresa gave her dream her all. She ignored all criticism. Barack Obama wrote the history he wanted to read. No matter how critical we are of Fela's life, he showed us how to stand for what we believe.

If you look at all the people that have changed our world, they have almost nothing in common. Some were obviously not brilliant. What mattered was the life they lived, a very unique life. Each one chose to be a genius. And you too can. It's what your destined for.


  1. Truly inspirational! Keep wondering how come i hadn't discovered this Service much sooner

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