The Finance/Investment Communities I Am A Part Of.

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1. Seeking Alpha

I use their phone app more than the website. I learn a lot from the expert opinions and even though they don't often translate to insights I can use here in Nigeria, they teach me how to think critically about financial and economic matters. Also I get actionable news about US stocks I own and/or track.

2. Motley Fool
First, don't subscribe to their stocks recommendation service, they will try to sell you crap subscription to what they call high value secrets and the next Apple. Other than that, you'll learn a lot from their investment and personal finance articles and other expertly written educational articles.

3. Investopedia
They live up to their motto: "Sharper Insights. Smarter Investing". Make sure you subscribe to their newsletters and you will be on your way to getting some the best educative articles on investment without paying a kobo.

4. Real Vision
Not really free but you get one week free with no strings attached access. The value housed in Real Vision is immense and without comparison. I have gotten more valuable education and insights from there than I have from any other online community.

5. RMG Investment - Weekly Investment Bulletin
 I got to know about this from the Portfolio Manager in a foreign investment management company I consulted for. It's almost a year now since I signed up to the weekly bulletin and I have gain a lot from it. I learned how to critically analyse economic and financial happenings plus how investment managers think. 

6. Frontera
This is a high value community for anyone interested in stocks investment and understanding macro trends. It is an amazing repository of financial and investment news across the frontier economies which Nigeria is one of. And even though Nigeria doesn't get the most coverage, a lot of the articles provide transferable insights of benefit to a Nigerian like me.
Again, make sure you sign up for the newsletters.

And those are the online communities I am a part of that have provided me the most value in my investment and person finance journey.

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