Decluttering And Time Management

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I do too many things than is good for my health, business and general progress. And now I am on a decluttering plan. I will be letting go of many activities and stop taking up some type of tasks.

It is like I am being chased daily, from the moment I wake to when I sleep, by numerous deadlines. I don't meet them and they don't let me enjoy my days. When I rest it is with the worry about this or that deadline. When I sleep, the worries won't let it be peaceful. They surface in my dreams and subconsciousness.

The workload I face daily and outstanding tasks I have to meet suck all my time that I don't even have any time management. They make my life look like a whack-a-mole game. As I am killing/executing one task, another pops up. They just never stop popping up. And they won't let me do the main things I really want to do, the more strategic things with deadlines far into the future.

Now I am deciding to take drastic steps. I will mark two days a week on my calendar as set aside for myself. Won't allocate it for any client. Then I will say NO to many types of jobs/projects even if it might lead to offending someone (the weak point in my life that keeps making me take up too many tasks). I will also rest more and eat well.

I am going to declutter my life and have proper time management in place. Would be very difficult but I don't like the current lifestyle I am living. It is no life at all. Just work work work from when I wake to even in my dreams when I sleep. 


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