Nigeria? Choose What's Good For You

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I have stopped reading what people post on social media about why we are where we are and what is wrong with everything. And the main reason is because it is an energy and time black-hole.

If the people who are elected to move the country forward aren't doing their jobs but spending all their energy diverting national resources for private benefits while feeding us with petty issues to brawl about, why should I waste my time trying to fix their mess or even discuss their mess. I am not God. You are not God. I don't have unlimited resources. You don't have unlimited resources. It's time you do what's good for yourself and forget about fixing divisive national issues.

Nigerian Army.
Boko Haram.
Lai Muhammed.
North Agenda.
South Agenda.

This past weekend I was in Abuja and tried to follow-up on a training project we are pursuing with one of the government agencies. I spoke with our inside man. He told me a lot of things. Last month, I was in same Abuja and discussed another long-tail training projects targeted at government ministries, departments and agencies. Again, I heard a lot of things. 

You want to know what was obvious from all what I heard?

Everyone in government is like a man with a hoe just trying to heap as much of the good things to his own side. They talk all sorts and argue in different directions publicly but right there in the offices they hold they all do the same thing -- that which personally favours them and not what they say out loud as good for the nation on the pages of newspapers or in public discussions.

Then there are those who waste away their lives on the temporal pages of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And some won't even stop there, they seek out real physical harm to themselves and others. They burn houses. They put themselves in harms way.

The people with the mandate and national resources to fix things are not, they are rather fanning old flames and starting new ones. Then some people have made themselves Captain Nigeria but without the right/authentic information and a proper avenue to fix things, they end up making bad situations get worse.

To you my friends, whom I care about, I will advice that you act like our politicians and government office holders, do what's good for you. Forget about fixing the country or making things fair for everyone. At least for now. With all the false information flying around and heavily reposted on social media, you might end up committing a greater crime than the one you seek justice for. Rather focus on yourself and your immediate family, then do what's good for you and your family.


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