Everything Is Going Up Except Salaries. Why?

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My sister graduated in 2014, went with NYSC 2014 Batch C (which was November 2014 to October 2015) and is now working. I have been thoroughly involved in her job search post-NYSC and I can tell you one thing for certain -- her getting a job was 10 times harder than it was for me. And on top of that, the salaries to stress + requirements are now completely unreasonable. I graduated in 2009, finished NYSC in February 2011 and got + resumed a very well paying job with a multinational in March 2011 (the following month).

In just the few years apart, things have gone a lot worse for fresh graduates.

I had to deploy all my job search tactics to help my sister in her job search. They worked but the pay and conditions attached were often laughable. So at one point, she got like four jobs in one month span and all were lousy pay. 

If you are tempted to say it is only for fresh graduates that things have gotten worse, don't. I am a member of many online professional and interest groups, I come across a lot of job openings for experience-requiring roles and mid to senior roles. Salaries hasn't gone up since I have been seeing the adverts for those roles in the last five years. But guess what? The requirements have been going up. What they used to require just two years experience with B.Sc for, they now ask for five years experience with Masters and two or more certifications. And for same pay.

Now you see why I claim that everything is going up except salaries?

Everything else has been going up -- from food prices to company profits. The company that has been raising its products' prices since 2011 still keeps paying its staff the same salary. Why? 

Even fresh drivers and fresh bus conductors are getting more income than was possible five years ago but not same for corporate workers except they get a job promotion. Companies still pay the same salary figures for the job roles they have as they've been paying since 2011.

And the only logical thing I can say is -- Why?

If you've got the answer, I'll be glad to be enlightened. Do please share. :)

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  1. That is serious, it is only the wise one that could get the sense "High time to pause and think"


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