My List Of Highly Interesting Movies On Netflix

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To all those who think I don't watch movies, ta-daa 😜

Once in three months I subscribe to Netflix and once in six months I buy a one month ExpressVPN subscription which allows me to watch US Netflix, Canada Netflix, France Netflix, Germany Netflix and UK Netflix (I don't bother about the other countries and I think Canada has the most interesting movies).

This month is the one I do both the Netflix subscription and the ExpressVPN subscription, so I have been watching loads of movies this month. 

And being the nice me, I will be sharing with you the movies I found very interesting -- well worth both the time it took me to find them and the time spent watching them. By the way, you have to pardon my  one-sided (action movies laden) lists and also that it's probably filled with old movies most movie lovers have watched already.

1. Captain America: The First Avenger
This one came as a real pleasant surprise. So Captain America was originally a very skinny constantly bullied boy-man. If you haven't watched it, you should even if you don't like action movies. This one is not like the crap story gun cracking from start to finish action movies out there. It has a very romantic side to it and the story line makes sense.

2. The Adjustment Bureau
This is the most unusual love story movie I have ever watched. It is one of the movies that are so good that you can't wait to forget it so you can it watch again like for the first time. It is about how angels and higher powers tried to keep Norris from Elise because Norris is destined to be the US president and Elise is destined to be a celebrity but the love they have for one another if allowed to blossom will kill all the ambition in them and they will live quiet insignificant lives. So the authors of their destiny deployed a lot of resources to keep them apart. Again, you would love it.

3. Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution
I know I am late to the party on these ones, but if you are equally late or have forgotten a significant chunk of the movies then you should watch them. Follow the white rabbit.

4. 21
This is a very interesting movie about a 21 year genius student at MIT trying to, at first, get a scholarship to Harvard then upon being told his chances are slim, decided to save up for it. He joined a professor led team of professional casino blackjack hackers. Everything about the movie's storyline is totally unpredictable and interesting till the end. And as usual, they threw in an above-his-league girl he's got a crush for. He gets the girl (I think too early into the movie and too easily too) and gets more than the money he wanted.

5. Total Recall
I can't totally recall the movie as it's been weeks ago I watched it but I do very well remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a great mind twisting story line and beautiful fighting ladies. Maybe I will watch it again before my subscription runs out.

6. Rush
This is hands down the most motivational movie I have watched this year. And I hear its based on a true story. I watched it with all seriousness that the effect it had on me are still fresh. You too should watch it and learn the live lessons it teaches us all.

7. Thor
Probably the third time I am watching it. Great movie and stunning perfect looking main actor. I still think he was videoshopped.

8. Hitch
One of the best romance movies out there. Though it is centered on the falsehood that women are predictable and you can get any woman you genuinely want, but if you overlook the unreal assumptions you'll thoroughly enjoy the movie. Last week was my second time of watching it. The first time was years ago.

9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Not a very great movie but the story line is a solid one and enjoyable one. It is about a man who hasn't done much all his life and then forced to go on an adventure. And with some love angle thrown in.

10. Hellboy
One shouldn't watch a movie with hell or devil in its title except the series Lucifer and this movie, Hellboy. I don't think I remember well the story line to coherently describe it but I do remember that it was a movie well worth the time spent watching it. I have also watched it thrice, which means it's a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

11. Salt
I only have a vague memory of what the movie is about but the rating is extremely high and I remember thinking its a great movie.

12. Jack Reacher
If you love a thrilling action movie, then this is that movie. An action thriller. Excellent story line too. 


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